Lucy the kitten
Hello -- I'm Lucy

Raymond Cartwright presents:
Animal Portraits
in watercolour

Do you own a pet? Would you like to have a nice watercolour portrait of it? All I need is a photograph and I will give you an estimate, based on the amount of work involved.

Click on the picture to see a bigger version of this kitten portrait (100 kb). You can see some more portraits below, and samples of other subjects.

About me ...

I think it is appropriate to tell you a little about myself. I say a little, because there is not a great deal to tell.

I was born and brought up in London but have been living here in Iceland since 1980. My wife, Eydis, is Icelandic and together we have two daughters. I've been painting for as long as I can remember. I am, I suppose, self taught, trial and error being my main instructor, along with a little talent.

I like painting things that I like. That's why I paint animals a lot. I am especially fond of painting cats, both the large kind and the small. On the other hand, I paint landscape, seascape and even force myself to paint human portraits. I also enjoy painting old things, things with the paint peeling off, rusty things (there is a lot of beauty in rust, except of course, when it's on my car), old boats, trains et-cetera. I have held quite a number of shows over the years, mainly here in Iceland. I have shown oil paintings, scraperboard and watercolour. I am using mainly watercolour at present, although I do get the urge to use oils again.

As I said, there's not a lot to tell. I hope that you enjoy my page and by all means get in touch.

Let me introduce you to Shady, Queeny, Daniel and Rocky (and some horses too).
Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

[Shady the kitten]
I'm Shady
[Queeny the cat]
I'm Queeny
[Daniel the Retriever]
I'm Daniel
[Rocky the Rottweiler]
I'm Rocky
[In the meadow]
In the meadow

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