About Hugmot

Hugmot was established in 1987. The name "Hugmót" is a coined word, implying the meaning "Software moulding", "Soft Creation" or even "Mind forming". Accordingly, our purpose is to provide software and advertising services to our customers, both domestic and abroad. We also develop software specific to the Icelandic market.

Software Development

Our latest product is AcuteFinder, a handy utility to find and remove duplicate files from disks. Give it a try, and you will be amazed by all the duplicate files found on your system.

Our first PC product, the Icelandic hyphenation program Saxa, was released in 1989. It offers the best quality available in such programs, rendering about 99% correct hyphenations. Presently it is being used by various print shops and publishing companies in our country.

We have participated and been involved in many software projects, including:

  • Various specialized systems for Borgun (MasterCard and AmEx in Iceland) related to issuing of EMV chip cards.
  • Car Inventory System for new and second-hand cars for Ræsir, then Mercedes-Benz, Mazda and Chrysler dealer in Iceland.
  • Translation and adaptation of the DaimlerChrysler IDIS program for Ræsir. It handles spare parts, workshop and guaranty operations of the company.
  • Cashier System and Foreign Currency System for the National Bank of Iceland, in co-operation with IBM Iceland
  • Financial Management Program for farmers, called Búbót, for the Icelandic Farmers Association. Was in use for over 2.000 farms.
  • ... and many other projects, big and small.

Other services

We run an aviation news and information website for Icelandic aviation enthusiaists, called Flugheimur. It contains an aircraft registry for all Icelandic aircrafts from 1919 to date. Currently, it has no English section, but we are working at it.

Programming languages

Our staff includes seasoned programmers, having more than 32 years of combined programming experience. Mostly we use Borland Delphi for Windows, but we also program in PHP, RPG for iSeries and various script languages. Paradox, DB2, MS-SQL, and mySQL are our favorite databases.

Our team

Currently there are 2 members in our team. We cooperate with graphic designers, photographers and specialists of the English language, so we can offer you all web presence services in one place. Occasionally, we hire subcontractors or additional staff for temporary assignments.


We are located in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. See contact-info if you need our assistance.

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